Shoeshine Box

The exclusive kit for taking care of your shoes. For the real gentleman
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Taking care of your leather and suede shoes: it’s a tradition that became an art form. The true gentleman has a kind of reverence for his shoes, personally taking care of them - not only to maintain them in the best possible way, but also to tell a personal story.

This refined shoeshine kit is offered exclusively for The Luxer customers, made in precious wenge wood and entirely produced in Italy for those who are truly passionate about their shoes. The box encases everything needed for the care and maintenance of shoes, such as products by the renowned Saphir Médaille d'Or line (considered one of the world's finest), and a line of accessories created in Italy by the top experts in the business.

Two experts show the best techniques to keep your shoes clean and polished. Dandy Shoe Care's Alexander Nurulaeff, a specialist of hand coloring, explains the correct way to clean leather shoes. Angelo il Lustrascarpe offers an itinerant professional shoe cleaning service and specializes in the care of suede.


Watch the video tutorial on How to clean suede shoes
Watch the video tutorial on How to clean leather shoes


Images by Guido Taroni

Inside the box, a brochure on shoe shining techniques. A few gestures that encompass all the steps a real gentleman needs to know.

Cirage is the leather shining technique that gives the shoe a subtle sheen and mirror-like polish.  The color is enhanced by a shiny patina, which recalls the transparent glazing of porcelain. Three basic steps are covered:brushing, shining , rest.