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Hogan Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Menswear Collection
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Inspired by the fashions worn at nightclubs, Hogan’s Fall/Winter 2016 Menswear collection updated this flashy style, giving it a more debonair quality.

To whit, slim-fit tuxedos were balanced by oversized coats in metallic and black leather. And though the shades of silver, black and red that dominated the presentation echoed the rock influences and the ultra-cool aesthetic of David Bowie during his "Heroes" phase, they work just as well for the club as they do corporate meetings.

The shoes—sneakers, high-tops, and moccasins with fringes and tassels—were also given a formal makeover. To be sure, the collection was filled with unexpected pairings: sneakers and tailored suits, Chelsea boots and denim, double-breasted jackets in cashmere and white shirts, gym pants and black high-tops in brushed leather. Most outstanding was the Napa Biker Jacket, which was paired with silver leather pants and slip-on sneakers done in an optical print. Also, the plethora of graphic tees matched perfectly with the limited edition Traditional 20.15 Club—Hogan’s iconic sneaker.