Hogan's Flip Flops

Summer's must-have flip flops
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A Gentleman's Essential

The flips flop isn't just a shoe that is synonomous with summer days and tropical getaways, they also have a rich, verable history. In ancient times, this particular style was very popular among Greeks and Romans. In the Far East, they were called zōri, and were made of rice straws and other natural fibers. These traditional Japanese sandals feature the hanao, thongs that hold the foot in place. The modern rubber version made its first appearance in the 1950s in New Zealand, and were invented by local businessman Morris Yock. It wasn't long before the thonged sandals made a splash among surfers and have since been riding the wave of success until present day, becoming a worldwide bestseller and beachwear staple. The linear design of this shoe can be easily manufactured in a variety of materials and embellished with custom decorations. Hogan's H297 Flip Flops are the hot item in the brand's Spring/Summer 2016 men's collection. Crafted from rubber, they are available in three different prints and feature slim thongs and Hogan's hot-stamped logo.

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